The Compositions for Abandoned Mind

by morsmores



"The Compositions for Abandoned Mind" is a new album from morsmores in ambient atmosphere. Only two tracks, but more that two hours of music. This ambiental travel, makes you can understand, how much we are away from others, how away they are from us, even if they are sharing the same mental or physical space with us, thoughs, feelings. Are they even listening? Or maybe they are just trying to dominate their "greateness" on our life?


released July 25, 2013

Here you can find the link to listen and download both original recordings? Feel free to listem them, but dot say about [i]Rubbish[/i]. We calling London's weater in this way...

This is definitelly new work from my side. Something different. A lot of lights, swiming with my relaxedans restless in indefinity way of consciousness. of listener's mental disorders]. sometimes darkness and a lot of hope. This Darkness which you have in rejection of your new digital, made by outside world, this synthetic.



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morsmores UK

"there is only one way out
to get into your god
my god
into the our black hole
only together"


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